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”The life of the company Carros de Foc is fully dedicated to the creation of giant sculptures and puppets and accompany them all around the word telling big stories deep into the world of the show.”

miguel ángel martín

Miguel Ángel Martín, founder of the company, wanted to fly, to break the limits of art, to break the rules, and to look at the sky. The beginning of these stories came from the artistic anger for expressing worlds which were unknown until the moment. Impressive and peculiar creations have gone across the world all these years.

From the day of its creation, the company enlarges the emotions of the public on its performances and events which are custom made by the clients. As it has been already made for the magical ‘’Fantasy in Katara’’ in Doha, Qatar, the fantastic campaign for Mall Plaza in Chile or for emotive theatre performances like Buiten Gewoon in Doetinchem, Netherlands, between hundreds of other worldwide events.


All the stories we have told, and all the stories that are yet to come, show our capacity to reach to the emotions of people creating unforgettable moments. Miguel Ángel Martín’s creativity, work and technique are focused on creating giant and mobile sculptures and puppets using them as the main characters of an endless number of stories capable of going across every corner in the world and making millions of people take part in them. Europe, Asia, America and Africa have been place to our big stories. Experiences like Burning Man in USA, Dubai Shopping Festival in the Arab Emirates, Manufaktura in Poland, Mall Wanda in China or the parade of the Three Wise Men in Madrid, between many others… are the result of a work dedicated to create magical narrations.

The art of Carros de Foc has fascinated a huge fusion of cultures thanks to the language of emotions, which has no borders.


In 2014, the year of the twentieth anniversary, the book ‘’20 Years of Urban Theatre’’ compiled the journey by the magical realism that Carros de Foc has created throughout two decades, since Miguel Ángel Martín Bordera founded the company in 1994. 20 YEARS, is about how the company was born and how it has developed. OF STORIES, focused on the most important international shows that the company has done all over the world. Written in the format of short stories


Adel Alansari Katara Cultural Village

“Carros de Foc is not just a theater company for me, but the first time I visited them in Spain, I felt that I was working with my family. Creativity, art and experience were shown at the highest level and thus they presented in an incredible way his show from Qatar to the world.”

ADEL ALANSARI – Events Manager in Katara Cultural Village

“Their spectacularity is indisputable and the universal language of their proposals allows them to be very international.”

KARINA NOBLE – Cultural manager. Director of National and International Cultural Festivals of Santo Domingo
imagen de ADEL ALANSARI – Events Manager in Katara Cultural Village

Thank you for celebrating with us the 25th edition of our BuitenGewoon in Doetinchem festival in the Netherlands. Working with the people at Carros de Foc was a real thrill. A great job, with a great family, thank you very much for this unforgettable experience.

Sieb Engwirda – Director de Festival Buiten Gewoon

Clients who trust our emotions

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