Did you know they had cars with pink whiskers? And now screens to talk to them?

So nice are the cars that join Lyft to facilitate the lives of millions of people. The giant mustache was replaced by screens where you can open a conversation directly with the driver. Confidence, closeness and friendship are the values ​​they want to show in all actions. And Euterpe has helped create this unique experience through his actions in Las Vegas.


This app connects every day to 1 million people (drivers and passengers) to travel together in all types of vehicles. And he wanted Euterpe, the daughter of giants, to be part of his trip. It all started when I left the Burning Man 2018 event …

Lyft “A new way to glow”.

Bigote característico de Lyft establecido hasta el 2016

After living an adventure in Black Rock City last August, Euterpe went with his grandfather Alberto direct to Las Vegas. The giant puppet that has traveled half the world was willing to create an indelible experience in Park on Fremont / Lyft Art Park. For the thousands of people who pass through this outdoor art complex, living an experience as close to Burning Man in the heart of the city of neon lights. It has been a great adventure creating emotions together with Lyft for all the visitors who have gone through the installation. Here below you can see more. Take a look!

Lyft hub in downtown Las Vegas also an outdoor art park


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It matters how you get there. – @lyft





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