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We were at the biggest annual outdoor art event Burning Man 2018 Do you want to venture?

Giant puppets in Burning Man

For the second consecutive year, our giant puppet Euterpe entered the arid and hostile desert of Black Rock City.

But she was accompanied to this event by her grandfather Alberto, the giant who debuted in the Christmas Parade of Madrid.

Alberto y Euterpe the giant puppets in a show in Burning Man.

In Burning Man the couple granddaughter and grandfather staged their own shows as our show “La Caja de las Letras mágicas”

Collaborations with other artists such as the Art Haus company under the structure of the renowned Danish architect Bjarke Ingels.

Burning Man – Las marionetas gigantes Alberto y Euterpe en el espectáculo de “La Caja de las letras mágicas” foto – Zerobloom_

And hours of walks where hundreds of people have been able to listen and accompany in this adventure the puppets of Carros de Foc.

Furthemore, other collaborations have been special, like that of Mark Day, the biggest influencer on the Burning Man that made his voice Alberto’s.

Or that of our mate Gloria, who put the message of the heart in Euterpe’s.

Marvelous, ecstatic and happy have been the result of this great adventure for the United States.

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