Stories… Who doesn’t like stories? Stories that go beyond our imagination, stories that make you evade from reality and fully transport you to other worlds.
In Carros de Foc we take the function of troubadours, creating and interpreting hundreds of narrations in which our giant sculptures and puppets become the main characters with the only objective of raising these stories until the top and get to create emotions in every single person that watches our performances.
From the beginning until the end of the process of creation, both parts go hand in hand, with the only objective that the final result surpasses the expectations.
The stage for Carros de Foc is any corner in this giant world, we have reached remote and unimaginable places, where human life is almost impossible.
The story that we tell in detail next, is the pretext to demonstrate that the combination of especially created elements makes something magical and special out of a story.

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Year One Thousand of Carros de Foc is a show for our senses in which we take care of even the smallest detail. Game of lights and shadows, original soundtrack, characterization of characters, choreography and stage, all this in order to create worlds of real fantasy.

It is based on an ancient legend in which a young Arab princess called Azahara falls in love with an old city and the people who live in it.

The giant puppet Ángel becomes the chronicler of Azahara and the giant sculpture Genius Jorge which represents the fables and richness that the giant troubadour tells.

During his stay in the city, the Sultan and father of the young woman, arranges a party in order to find the perfect husband for his daughter Azahara, who gets sad because she does not find the love for any of her candidates. Everything changes when she knows Ricardo, a young Christian boy who conquers the heart of the princess since the very first exchange of glances. Both of them live a perfect love story hidden from the Sultan. When he realizes that her daughter has a relationship with a Christian man he orders his men to arrest him.

Azahara, very sad and upset for the arrest of her love, asks her father to release him for being able to keep on having the perfect love story she had dreamed with. The Sultan, convinced that what he was promising was almost impossible to happen, promises his daughter that if ever the next day that barren kingdom appeared all covered in white, he would give freedom to Ricardo.
The next day Azahara surprisingly finds the whole kingdom covered in white thanks to the fall of orange blossom petals, very common in that area. Very happy for this, she runs to tell her father about the fact, but the young Christian man has already been hanged by order of the Sultan, who was convinced that what he promised would not happen.
Surprised and very upset for the death of her love, she decides to kill herself to join Ricardo in a world without barriers. Finally, Ricardo and Azahara will be able to live their love forever, and no one will ever separate them.