Adramelech is a demonic being that pays tribute to his giant god, Toro Viriato. He works between beauty and deformity to dominate the supernatural beings among whom he lives.
In his tour of your city, Toro Viriato and his entourage of demons, orcs and devils attracts people’s attention in a frenzy of strength, energy, brutality and domination.

Being an itinerant work unique in its kind.


Adramelech is fun and brutal, staging the fight between beauty and deformity.

Minimum height: 4.20 m.

Maximum height: 5.50 m.

Width: 2.90 m.

Length: 8.20 m.

Weight: 5,200 kg

Type of traction: Autonomous.

Maximum capacity: 2 people.

Smoke effects

Technicians: 2 people.

Artists: 5 people.