The train that dared to defy time has made its own. He has transported a group of Can-Can to this day and together with the driver they bring joy and celebration to any place. A curious adventure of the old west awaits you next to this engineering. Music, dance and humor are the ingredients for this traveling show.

Welcome to this satire and fun work.


Welcome to the place where you arrive if you look for it and leave if you don’t need it.

Height: 3.10 m ..

Width: 3.15 m.

Autonomous length: 6.65 m.

Weight: 1,200 kg + 1,500 kg.

Type of traction: Autonomous / Hitch.

Maximum capacity: 4-10 people.

Smoke effects

Technicians: 2 people.

Artists: 7 Can-can dancers and 1 reviewer.