The leading figure of the itinerant show Guerreras de Fuego is the giant sculpture Águila Sofía. This great bird travels the streets of the city, beating its wings, accompanied by a group of warriors who dance to the rhythm of an ancestral dance, waving their fire fans with the mission of spreading happiness throughout the world.

A world of magic that flies over cities to leave an indelible mark on memory.

Sofia Eagle and the warriors of fire fight to create an indelible memory.

Height: 4.50 m.

Width: 2.00 – 5.50 m.

Length: 5.00 m.

Weight: 750 – 12,000 kg with crane.

Type of traction: Manitou MT-1740 telescopic crane …

Maximum capacity: 1 people.

Technicians: 4 people.

Artists: 5 fire teachers and 1 rider.