We are in luck, because we premiere web pages with the most interesting contents of our company. Can you come with us?

Finally we launched our new website. A much more navigable site in which you will easily find all our work, as well as the most relevant news and events. Enjoy our contents and proposals and enter the magical world of Carros de Foc.

A quick review of how you can get the most out of our website at the click of a mouse.

Web Carros de Foc

To get a positive experience when consulting our new website, it is best to start with a brief review of our origins. A description of who we are and what we do will help you better understand our philosophy. we make dreams to make people happy, and we love that.

Our characters

On the web you will also get to know each of our giant sculptures and puppets. Story characters with a story to tell. each of them symbolizes something in particular. Desire, greed, evil, humility, nature, pollution and many other circumstances, almost all caused by man.

Our shows

Great street assemblies that will make adults and children enjoy. Stories narrated by beings from other worlds that will help us to better understand our existence and our mission on earth.

Custom Shows

As if it were a costume, our creators are able to manufacture custom-made characters and shows based on a history or relevant event for the enjoyment of the people. You just have to tell us what you would like to represent in an event, parade or parade, and we will make it happen.

Now that you know us a little more, it’s time to dream.

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