Like every year, Águeda, a Portuguese city, is a meeting point for artists, theater companies and a lot of entertainment in this spectacle.

And this year 2019 we have not been able to resist participating in the Agitágueda festival with two of our mutant vehicles, the Carnassier Wolf mobile sculptures and the Viriato Bull. Two creatures “animalformed” that along with their offspring of devils. Demons born from the earth and mutants from the sea turned the streets of the center into a real spectacle. Transgression brutality and imagination.

Águeda the city that is in the center of Portugal trembles thanks to the hundreds of people who walk through its streets. Streets full of color, music, emotion … Urban art elevated to the category it deserves. Águeda makes a commitment to culture as a vehicle for local development. Since they create adequate programming for all audiences. Children’s theater, craft contest, integrated facilities in the city, murals, afterhours music and a lot of theater.

You can not miss this occasion that is repeated every year in the month of July. A month full of content so you don’t get bored.

But as a thousand words do not define an image, you better leave the photographs taken by João Roldão. That captured the magic of this great event.

If you want to know his fantastic work follow him on Instagram or his Facebook, and enjoy his work.



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